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Kids-id band with a child's name: take advantage of discounted prices

An SOS bracelet with your child's name is ideal if, for example, you are going on holiday or if your child is going on a school trip. A kids-id band provides space for important information. It can be a toddler bracelet with a name and phone number, or a bracelet with medical information. An SOS bracelet can play an important role in an emergency.

Child ID bracelet: put compose it with our configurator

Our kids-id straps are an ideal and practical solution to ensure that your child can go out safely. Is your child going to the playground, the beach or a large amusement park and are you afraid of losing him or her out of sight? With a woven wristband your child will be back quickly. With the kids-id wristband, all important information is immediately available. To prevent children from not liking the child id bracelets and therefore not putting it on, it is possible to design the id bracelets all by themselves.

While designing the kids-id bracelets, choose from the following:

  • 12 models
  • Over 80 symbols
  • 15 different colours for the base of the SOS bracelets
  • 17 different text colours

It is very easy to design an order the kids-id straps yourself. Use the configurator to create your personal wristbands for children in just a few minutes! These bracelets are always 10mm wide.

Follow the steps below and create the child ID bracelets:

  • Step 1: Choose the font. The child id bracelets are always 10mm wide.
  • Step 2: Enter the text, for example the name, organization or phone number.
  • Step 3: Choose a symbol! More than 80 symbols are available, so personalized the child id bracelet.
  • Step 4: Choose a colour for the text ribbon. There are 15 different colours to choose from.
  • Step 5: Choose a colour for the text. There are 17 different colours to choose from. Make sure that there’s a good color contrast.
  • Step 6: choose the quantity kids id bracelets.

Kids-id bands: suitable for children

SOS bracelets are there to make sure that children always have a possibility to get in touch with you. For example, if there is an allergic reaction or other medical condition. If you would like to order a bracelet with your name and phone number, you can order it in small quantities, just the same as our name labels and clothing labels.

The toddler bracelets are multifunctional. You can use the kids wristbands for different ages and purposes:

    • As baby id bracelet
  • As toddler bracelets
  • As kids wristbands
  • As ID bracelets
  • As child safety wristbands

Kids-id bands can be woven from as little as 20 pieces. Of course, Kids-id bands can also be ordered in larger quantities, which makes them ideal for schools and clubs!

The kids-id bracelets are fastened with a plastic, child-friendly closure and the woven wristband does not irritate the skin.

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